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Breath-Building Toys
Crocodile Eye Pop
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Breath-Building Toys
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Each Set  Contains a Coke Bottle, a Crocodile Eye Pop, and a Magic Pipe.

Coke Bottle
: Kids love the coke bottle string game. With a full and steady air column, the string will move in a large circle through the coke bottle.

Crocodile Eye Pops:
This is way too much fun for kids of all ages! Blow a steady stream of air to levitate the crocodile’s eyes. Blow too hard and the eyes will fly away. But with a controlled air stream, the eyes will magically float right above the crocodile’s eye sockets.

The Magic Pipe: As children blow through this magic pipe, they will need to control the air stream to keep the ball floating. Have a contest to see who can keep their ball floating the longest. This toy is also great for imitating the air stream of crescendos and decrescendos.

These three are my favorite breath building toys.  If you are in Europe, check out this great website with these and other blowing games.  www.flutemotion.nl

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 Customer Reviews Average Rating review  
  I highly recommand these fantastic breathing tools. I have lots of experience with my own pupils/kids. See for more gadgets on my website www.flutemotion.nl I"m selling these gadgets in Holland and other countries.
  Reviewed by:  Annemieke de Bruijn from the Netherlands. on 11/22/2012