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NEW!   Blocki Flute Method Student Book 1  4rd Edition
Blocki Flute Method Book 1
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NEW! Blocki Flute Method Student Book 1 4rd Edition
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» Winner of the National Flute Association's Newly Published Music Award«

The Blocki Flute Method Book I is an award-winning method designed to the give beginner an excellent foundation in beautiful tone, embouchure flexibility, rhythm and technique. This comprehensive and step-by-step approach was written to ensure success and also includes theory and composition projects. The book is spiral bound and the 86 pages are a complete beginning method in one book.  (Some beginning books  have a set of books that are about 30 pages each.)

There is a separate corresponding duet book for the teacher.  All of the first parts or melodies from the duet book are in the student book one...so only the teacher would need to have the duet book.

When the teacher plays the second part from the duet book, there are a total of 75 duets and trios.  As of 2015, there are also 96 downloadable accompaniment tracks for pieces that do not have a duet part.  These fun accompaniment parts by Blaz Pucihar  (often with keyboard and percussion) make practice exciting. The students will also hear beautiful flute tone of Ana Pucihar to emulate.

The method is designed so students can play in both octaves without having to read the notes in both octaves. This is an incredibly important aspect of teaching beginners. Teaching flute is not like teaching trumpet in which the high notes are more difficult. High notes become difficult when students only play in the low and middle octaves for as much as one year. The students then have trouble with embouchure flexibility, and the ability to form a smaller lip opening.

The Blocki Flute Method’s unique approach to teaching Five-Note patterns has proven to consistently help even the youngest students develop exceptional technical abilities.  Five-note patterns are used as the foundation for teaching new notes, technique, moving between beat levels, simple transposition and fun and easy ear training.

Because of the combination of a systematic approach to note reading, fun composition projects, ear training games, and basic theory, this book is also an excellent supplementary book for Suzuki students.

 The Blocki Flute Method has been  updated with the Fifth Edition. 

What's New in the 5th Edition?

After using the method for over 10 years, we knew which pieces the students loved and which one were just "okay."  Anything that was just "okay" has been replaced with kid tested exciting pieces.  There are many new duets and since students love trills we've included many more.  These trills have transformed boring octave exercises into motivating pieces such as Half Pipe Stunts, Trampoline Tricks, and Bungee Jumping A's.  Other new favorites include the Yankee Doodle Theme and Variations (which kids love because it makes them sound almost virtuosic), The Sad Singing Swan, and the Daring Detective.

Testimonials & Reviews

As for your method book-I think it is TOPS! Very creative and my kids love it. I find the octaves really get them going and enable them to play such a great variety of things early on, and that keeps their interest..I love the "Alien Invasions" page! Cool! ~ Melissa Replogle, flute instructor

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  • Begins with several pages of head joint exercises to develop great tone before balancing the whole flute.
  • Emphasizes flexibility between octaves
  • Large print makes it easier to learn note reading.
  • Five-note patterns are used to quickly develop technique
  • Fun composition pages reinforce what the student is learning. Ex. After learning eighth notes a composition project of Theme and Variations on Yankee Doodle is used to reinforce the concept of changing between quarter and eighth notes.
  • Tons of Duets (The teacher's part is in the Supplementary Duet Book I)
  •  Customer Reviews Average Rating review  
    Best method book I've found
      I am a music arranger with two young children, ages 4 and 5. One very big bonus in the method book for me, is that it also encourages composition from the beginning. I like having the theory built into the lessons, accomodating to my children's limited attention span. The progression of learning notes is very well thought-out, and easy for the children to learn. The tunes are catchy, even with the limited number of notes learned, and the children like to play them.
      Reviewed by:  Shelley Helzerman Houser from Indiana. on 6/8/2012