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Pneumo Pro
The Pneumo Pro Wind Director
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Pneumo Pro
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The patented Pneumo Pro has helped thousands of new flutists to quickly learn how to have a beautiful tone. Band directors and flute teachers love how the Pneumo Pro facilitates the correct and consistent placement of the air column, taking the mystery out of tone production. The new Pneumo Pro (patent pending) can be inserted in the body of the flute which allows immediate feedback on the correct placement of the air column even while the students are balancing the flute. Best of all, the students can be silently practicing technical exercises with the Pneumo Pro, while the band or orchestra director is working with other students.

 For Advanced Students The Pneumo Pro helps with:
 1. Tone production.
 2. Tuning (especially when playing changes in dynamics.)
 3. Focused double and triple tonguing
 4. Smooth and connected flexibility between octaves.
 5. Advanced techniques such as multiphonics.

With the Pneumo Pro inserted into the body of the flute, the student can play through their piece or exercise, while the teacher checks the flexibility, direction and speed of the air column. It is quite helpful to have the student play a piece or exercise on the Pneumo Pro (with it in the flute) while the teacher plays it on the flute.

(see below for testimonials and reviews)

Pneumo Pro instructions in other languages.
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 Testimonials and Reviews
I recently have just started using the Pneumo Pro headjoint and I just wanted to contact you to say how completely amazed I am!  I came across it at a flute event I was performing at in the UK and having now experimented with it for a few weeks I am amazed.  As well as using it with my own students I have been using it for a few minutes each morning before my own warm up.  It has created such a brilliant way to allow students to actually see what they are doing regarding speed and direction of airstreams and has also given both myself and my students a visual way to really push the boundaries of our flexibility on the flute.  I cannot thank you enough for coming up with such a superb and useful product!

Best Wishes, Stephen Clark  (solo flutist and teacher throughout Europe)

Dear Kathy, I think the Pneumo Pro is a very good idea and will be showing it to people at my class here in Switzerland. Would you like me to show it to the local flute shop here? I think they might be able to sell it. Do you have the instructions in German? Italian or French?
 Best regards, James Galway

 In twenty years as a band director (ten teaching beginners) I have had sporadic success with beginning flutes. While being able to play the beginning book fairly well, my trumpet-playing mind just couldn't get over the hump to be a successful teacher of flutes. Then I was introduced to the Pneumo pro. After a short training period I am amazed not only at my own ability to play more effectively, but more importantly, at getting my flute players to play with a consistent tone quality in both low and high registers. They handle the instrument much more confidently, and with such beautiful tone for beginners! I'm totally sold on the Pneumo pro. Even a trumpet-playing band director can successfully teach beginning flute players using it.
Bret Deardorff–Indiana band director

Thanks! The pneumo pro is great! It has opened up my beginners sound greatly. Mike Ellis, Tascosa H. S. Band

" Yesterday we were using it with the Faure Fantasie where there are a lot of octave jumps. My student was going flat on the high notes. When I had her 'play' it on the pneumo pro, it became obvious that she thought she was changing the air direction, but nothing was actually happening. Once she could change the air direction correctly from the lowest wheel to the third wheel for the jumps, it took a while to gradually increase the speed. I wish I had made a video of the huge change once she began making the correct adjustments on the flute." KB

The Pneumo Pro is the most incredible teaching tool I have ever used!!!!! I have had 100 percent success with this tool with fixing tonguing and embouchure problems on some of my students. One student, I was at a loss, I couldn’t find a way to fix her tonguing problems; within 10 minutes of using the Pneumo Pro I had figured out exactly what the problem was and fixed it. Every teacher should have this tool in their studio. Sincerely, Susan Fritts Flute teacher, Raleigh, NC

 This unique and ingenious teaching tool makes sense for getting positive results. You can actually visualize the direction of the air stream and kinesthetically experience proper air direction. Ricky Lomabardo band director Princeton, New Jersey

I am very pleased and impressed with the method. I looks like my new students are going to have a great start in their playing and they'll enjoy working with the Pneumo Pro, which is an ingenious device. Thanks for inventing it! Pam Irwin-private flute instructor

 "Thank you so much for these wonderful devices! I am having much success with my slower students that could not produce much of a sound at all. Now they are progressing rapidly and should move out of the beginning flute to the intermediate band. I am very pleased and they are thrilled!" Adan Diaz, flute teacher Oak Park Elementary

 "The difference with my beginners from this year and last year, is like night and day. I can't believe how good their tone is with the help of the Pneumo Pro!" Texas Band director

I thought the entire package was done beautifully with great clarity in the teaching points on embouchure and tone. The students used in the production add a lot from the student viewpoint. This video would make and excellent supplement to whichever band method book is used, and would be particularly useful for the band teacher who is not a flutist to use with his/her students and help them get an excellent start. I plan to use the tape in my woodwind techniques class.
 Steve Pratt Associate director of Bands Indiana University

 "My daughter started using the Pneumo Pro about a year after starting the flute. The improvement in her tone has been outstanding! Not only do we notice, but competition judges have also praised the beauty of her tone." Lynne Lawson-parent

 I bought the Pneumo Pro after reading complementary messages on the flute list. I was most curious about it, since it seemed that it might answer a long-standing question of mine-"How do I know where my air stream is going?"...I initially had a hard time directing the air stream downwards enough to spin the lowest propeller. This led me to examine my embouchure...my sound immediately improved, and best of all, a reduction in the amount of air required to get that sound. I am hardly a newcomer to flute, having blown on one for over twenty years, including a lot of amateur chamber music sessions. I've known for a long time that I still had much to learn, embouchure-wise. The Pneumo Pro provided a very quick and graphic lesson for me, with immediate results. Even my teacher was much impressed with the new sound at today's lesson. amateur flutist

 " ...I am very impressed! In fact, I think it's fantastic! I am going to talk to our graduate assistant about using it in our beginning classes. I also think it will be a real asset to our Music Ed. flute class." Amanda Barrett-professor of Flute BJU

 Customer Reviews Average Rating review  
Amazing teaching tool
  This is an amazing teaching tool for beginning and even advanced flute players. I have seen unbelievable results with my 4 and 5 year olds after only a few lessons using this. I even was able to improve my own skills after trying this out myself!
  Reviewed by:  Shelley Helzerman Houser from Indiana. on 6/8/2012
  This is great for my class of flutes.
  Reviewed by:  Apple from Knoxville Tennessee. on 3/29/2010