The Blocki Flute Method Guarantee

 If you find a better and more complete method book than the award-winning Blocki Flute Method Student, Duet and Teacher's Manual books, please return the books in reusable condition to Blocki Flute Method LLC. The only conditions for a full refund (excluding shipping) are:

 1) The instructor must have read the Teacher's Manual.
 2) Both the student book and corresponding duet book must have been used together.
 3) A statement of why the other method book is better sequenced, more enjoyable, and/or more thorough in teaching all aspects of musicality must be included with the returned books.

 Actually we have NEVER had a returned book! If there is a better method book available we want to be the first to know!

Warranty service on all Di Zhao Flutes and Piccolos

* All instruments purchased from us have a one year factory defect warranty and the warranty repair is free, including return shipping via UPS Ground service (customers are responsible for the inbound shipping and insurance).
* All flutes are serviced and warranted through Di Zhao Flutes Inc.

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